48-Track Recorder/Player


Dedicated 48-Track Audio Recorder and Player

Ideally Suited for Many Configurations and Applications

The R-1000 is an intuitive stand alone, dedicated recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production. You can also connect and use the R-1000 with any digital console that has MADI output capabilities by using the Roland S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge.

The R-1000 is based on REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) and eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analog snakes and replaces it with Cat5e/6 (Ethernet/LAN) cable.

Records in Standard Broadcast WAV Format

R-1000 Features

Records in Standard Broadcast WAV Format
• Records up to 48 tracks of 24-bit audio in BWF format
• Removable Hard disk drive ensures smooth integration with DAWs
• Approximately 20 hours recording (44.1/48 kHz) using 500GB HDD
• Stable and reliable capturing live audio
Multitrack Playback for a Variety of Applications
• Plays up to 48 tracks of 24-bit audio via REAC
• Data can be loaded from external devices
• Marker function enables playback at any designated point
• Analog monitor output and a headphone output
Flexible Enough to Fit into any Configuration
• Connect with any V-Mixer and control directly from the console
• Connect with any REAC Digital Snake product
• Versatile feature set including video sync, timecode, GPI and RS-232C
• USB ports for backing up data and connecting PC for further software control
• Use with any MADI equipped console in combination with optional S-MADI
Ideal for Virtual Sound Checks, Rehearsals, Playback and Training
• Connect the R-1000 inline between V-Mixer and Digital Snake for selectable playback or record
• Channels can be set to "pass thru" live from the digital snake inputs, record live input or playback from recorder
• Run a complete sound check to tune the room in a new venue with no need for musicians to come early
• Select the musicians (channels) missing from a rehearsal and continue anyway
• Select all or group of channels for selective audio engineering training

Track Sheets

For your convenience we have provided 2 different Track Sheet options.


R-1000 Track Sheet A

R-1000 Track Sheet A

R-1000 Track Sheet B

R-1000 Track Sheet B



R-1000 wins readers choice award from ProSound Web for best recording hardware 2012.

Read what Pro Sound Web says about the advantages of virtual sound checks.
Church Sound: "Shortening The Digital Learning Curve: Thoughts on virtual sound checks." 
by Mike Sessler, Editor-In-Chief, Pro Sound Web.

48 maximum (44.1 / 48.0 kHz)
24 maximum (96.0 kHz)
DA Conversion
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 48.0 kHz / 96.0 kHz
Signal Processing: 24 bits
Data type
BWF (Broadcast Wave Format)
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 48.0 kHz / 96.0 kHz
Bit Depth: 24 bits
Removable hard disk, Removable SSD
USB connector (EXTERNAL STORAGE): USB type A (Supports mass storage)*
USB connector (PC): USB type B (Support USB-MDI)
MONITOR OUT jacks (1, 2): XLR-3-32 type (balanced)++
PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type
REAC ports (A, B, C, D) : RJ-45 EtherCon type
RS-232C connector: 9-pin D-sub type
MIDI connectors (IN, OUT/THRU): 5-pin DIN type
WORD CLOCK jacks (IN/THRU): BNC type
SMPTE (LTC) IN jack : BNC type
Grounding terminal
AC INPUT connector
* External hard drive must be able to be powered by internal USB port (max 5W). If drive requires more power (which larger capacity drives do), then use a USB fork cable that can provide additional power via AC.
++ XLR type: 1 GND, 2 HOT, 3: COLD
320 x 240 dots backlit TFT color touch screen
Power Supply
AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Size and Weight
482 mm (19 inches)
384 mm (15-1/8 inches)
133 mm (5-1/4 inches)
7.3 kg (16 lbs. 2 oz.)



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