Video Capture for VR Ver.2.2.1 for macOS / OS X

For details, refer to "Video Capture for VR Ver.2.2 Owner's Manual for macOS / OS X" in the [ Owner's Manuals ].

When using an Apple Silicon Mac, with some devices, the picture might fail to be captured correctly in Video Capture for VR or web conferencing apps. For details, check "Compatibility with Mac Computers Using the Apple M1 Chip."

[ Ver.2.2.1 ] SEP 2020
Support for macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15) was added.

Functionality Improvement
  • Improved visibility when in Dark Mode.
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • The display layout of the screen is broken.

[ Ver.2.2 ]
Additional function
  • Available for VR-4HD.

[ Ver.2.1 ]
Additional functions
  • Support for OS X Yosemite (v10.10) was added.
  • The window can now be resized.
  • Aspect is selectable when saving files.
  • ProRes 422 + PCM is selectable under OS X Mavericks (v10.9) or later.
  • Along with the addition of supported formats, the bit-rate chart has been revised as shown below.
    Format H.264/AAC ProRes 422/PCM
    320x240/29.97p 1 Mbps 17 Mbps
    640x480/29.97p 4 Mbps 42 Mbps
    720x480/29.97p 4 Mbps 42 Mbps
    854x480/29.97p 5 Mbps 49 Mbps
    1280x720/29.97p 10 Mbps 73 Mbps
    1920x1080/29.97p 20 Mbps 147 Mbps
    320x240/59.94p 1 Mbps 34 Mbps
    640x480/59.94p 4 Mbps 84 Mbps
    720x480/59.94p 4 Mbps 84 Mbps
    854x480/59.94p 5 Mbps 98 Mbps
    1280x720/59.94p 10 Mbps 143 Mbps
    1920x1080/59.94p 20 Mbps 294 Mbps
    320x240/25p 1 Mbps 14 Mbps
    640x480/25p 4 Mbps 35 Mbps
    720x576/25p 5 Mbps 41 Mbps
    1024x576/25p 7 Mbps 52 Mbps
    1280x720/25p 10 Mbps 61 Mbps
    1920x1080/25p 20 Mbps 122 Mbps
    320x240/50p 1 Mbps 28 Mbps
    640x480/50p 4 Mbps 70 Mbps
    720x576/50p 5 Mbps 82 Mbps
    1024x576/50p 7 Mbps 104 Mbps
    1280x720/50p 10 Mbps 122 Mbps
    1920x1080/50p 20 Mbps 244 Mbps
    * Added supported formats are indicated by a different text color.

  • The HD size (such as 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) is supported.
  • YUV 4:2:2 uncompressed-format input was supported in addition to Motion JPEG.
  • Output files are transcoded in the H.264/AAC format in real time and containers are stored in the MP4 format. The video bit rate is as follows.
    Format Bit Rate *1
    720x480 4 Mbps
    720x576 5 Mbps
    1280x720 10 Mbps
    1920x1080 20 Mbps
    *1: The bit rate of Mac OS X is the default value of the operating system.

    * Each data is encoded with the screen size specified by Resolution and saved in a file.
    * The maximum recording time is 12 hours (within the maximum file size).
    * Still images are saved in the PNG file format.
  • Streaming files for the VR-5, the VR-3, and V-4EX which support SD videos in 480 pixels is supported.

Download the file named "".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, "VCapVR_m221" folder will be appeared.

Double-click the "VRCaptureInstall.dmg" included in the "VCapVR_m22" folder to open the "VRCaptureInstall" folder.
Drag the "VR" icon into the "Applications Alias" folder and drop it.

Double-click the "VRCapture(.app)" in the "Applications" folder.


macOS 11
Compatible with Apple Mac series (Intel-based).
Compatible with Apple Silicon Mac (using the M1 chip).
macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13 / macOS 10.14 / macOS 10.15
Mac OS X 10.7 / OS X 10.8 / OS X 10.9 / OS X 10.10 / OS X 10.11
* When recording data in the HD size, use OS X 10.8.5 or later.

[ Important ]
As for the VR-50HD, the inability to establish a connection via USB3.0 under OS X 10.10.1 has been confirmed.
The ability to connect using USB2.0 has been confirmed. Use a USB2.0 cable and connect via USB2.0.
* HD output is not supported when connected via USB2.0.
Operation under OS X 10.10.2 and after has been confirmed to be correct. Try upgrading to OS X 10.10.2 or later.

Apple Mac series computer (Intel-based)
Apple Silicon Mac (using the M1 chip)

* This software has been found to work on typical computers that meet the above requirements, but we do not guarantee that it will operate on all such computers. Please be aware that differences in design or conditions of use may produce differences in the processing power of otherwise similar computers.

* Apple and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
* macOS is trademark of Apple Inc.
* All product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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