Concerts Unlimited

concerts_unlimited_icon_100The V-Mixing Systems all-in-one digital solution is a perfect fit for Concerts Unlimited, a New England based full production services company.

Concerts Unlimited LLC, founded in 2005, is a provider of production services and equipment sales serving the New England region. They pride themselves in providing the highest quality of sound, lighting, and video service with the newest equipment and best crew possible. They stared out with an analog Mackie console with JBL speakers and some QSC series 3 amplifiers from way back in the day.

Silas Pradetto, principal and owner of Concerts Unlimited, overseas every project and ensures that the production quality is at the highest level. Pradetto explains, “we are doing tons of shows per year, and the company is expanding at a breakneck pace”. Due to the nature of the production company with lots of different type of needs from concert and corporate events to live TV broadcasts and recording sessions, they needed a system that was rugged, easy to use, and easy to setup.

Pradetto explains, “The top three things that sold me on the V-Mixing system versus any other digital mixing system were the sound quality, reliability, and the integrated digital snake.” The V-Mixing System is very unique to other consoles in that it offers an integrated digital snake system which provides exceptional sound quality and a cost effective way to get audio from the stage to the FOH position with simply two Cat5e cables.

The System
concerts_unlimited02_smHere is a typical setup for the Concerts Unlimited crew on most shows and events. The two stage boxes sit on stage. The S-1608 goes near the drum riser, and the S-4000 goes on stage left or right out of sight. The S-4000 is configured as 24 inputs, 12 analog outputs, and 4 AES digital outputs. The inputs get sent to the M-400 at FOH where they’re mixed and sent back to the outputs on the S-4000. The AES digital outputs feed the AES inputs of the Driverack 4800, while the analog outs feed the mixes and fills. The Driverack feeds the I-Techs through AES digital cables, keeping the signal chain digital from preamp to amplifier, with no intermediate stages of AD or DA. If there’s ever a need for a monitor console, another M-400 is brought in and split off the two stage boxes with network switches.

Pradetto loves his job, the V-Mixing System, and the service that Roland Systems Group provides. Pradetto says, “The system has made a vast improvement in the speed of system deployment and the sound quality of the setup. It also conserves a ton of space compared to our old analog setup. Roland Systems Group really cares about their users–they listen to us to see what we want in the system and integrate it in new firmware. The service and support are excellent and most of all, the system sounds fantastic.”Speed, reliability, and sound quality are at the heart of the V-Mixing System. The V-Mixing System has enabled Concerts Unlimited to expand their services they provide, improve sound quality, and minimize the labor involved in setup and teardown.

System Integration