VP-42H System Program ( Ver.1.22 )

Please check the version of the system working on your VP-42H before downloading the archive file.
  1. Connect a monitor to the OUTPUT HDMI 2 connector.
    The menu appears on the monitor connected to OUTPUT HDMI 2.
  2. Turn on the power to the VP-42H.
  3. Press and hold the [ INPUT ]/[ MENU ] button to access the menu screen.
  4. Use the [ CURSOR ] buttons to select System, then press the [ ENTER ] button.
  5. Use the [ CURSOR ] buttons to display Version.
    The version information screen appears.
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

[ Ver.1.22 ] JAN 2022
Functionality Improvement
  • Picture quality has been improved when scaling down the image size.
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • Response was sometimes markedly reduced depending on network control.
[ Ver.1.21 ] DEC 2019
Functionality Improvement
  • The "Fine Horizontal" setting range for Input 1 through 4 was expanded to -19200 to 19200.
    The "Fine Vertical" setting range for Input 1 through 4 was expanded to -12000 to 12000.
    Ranges that previously could not be adjusted are now adjustable.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
  • The volume level can not be adjusted using the [MASTER] knob.
  • "Fine Horizontal" and "Fine Vertical" operations for Input 1 through 4
  • EDID emulator operation
  • Operation when Key Type (extraction color) is set to "Chroma Blue 1-3."
[ Ver.1.20 ] AUG 2019
Please refer to the "XS-42H / VP-42H Reference Manual Version 1.2 and later" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].
Additional Functions
  • A Panel Lock Mode has been added.
    A mode allowing just "Scene Switching" to be performed has been added to the panel operations.
  • A selection function for Recall Parameters has been added.
    A setting for not recalling audio parameters has been added.
  • Individual Delay for respective inputs for the audio mixer has been added.
    * Along with this change, the maximum delay time for output delay has been changed to 80 ms.
  • A function for saving the VP-42H's internal settings to a USB flash memory has been added.
  • An Auto Signal Off function has been added.
    This function stops the output signal from the VP-42H when all inputs are undetected. Enabling this function makes automatic power shutoff possible on compatible monitors.
  • A user screen has been added to WebRCS.
    "Scene select only" and "Input selection only" screens have been added to safeguard against unintended user operation when no menu is displayed.
  • A guide function has been added to the WebRCS Composition screen.
    A guide for making the window snap can now be displayed in pixel-size steps as green lines on the screen. This enables rapid layout creation by specifying the resolution of the LED or other display.
  • Specifications for remote operation (RS-232 and Telnet) have been added.
    A Scene Number 15 has been added. Performing control for Scene Number 15 controls the currently selected scene.
Functionality Improvement
  • The Auto Scene Switch function has been improved.
    It is now possible to set an operation interval of 5 to 300 seconds, in 1-second steps.
Change the specifications
  • The modification delay time for output delay has been changed from 250 ms to 80 ms.
  • The specifications for Telnet sessions have been changed.
    "First-come priority" has been changed to "last-come priority."

Following items are required to perform the update.
  • VP-42H itself
  • Video Monitor (equipped with a HDMI input connector)
  • HDMI cable
  • PC to write the updater to the USB Flash Memory
  • USB Flash Memory
    * The USB Memory need to be formatted on a VP-42H.
    * If the VP-42H does not recognize the USB flash memory, try using a different USB memory.

Download the file named "".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, the folder "xsvp42h_sys_v122" holding the files "XS_VP-42H.PRG" and "XS_VP-42H_NET.PRG" will be appeared.

Please install the system program "XS_VP-42H.PRG" and "XS_VP-42H_NET.PRG" to the VP-42H by following the process below.
* While updating the unit, have a monitor connected to the OUTPUT HDMI 2 connector.
Important notice: Never turn the VP-42H off during the update process, or VP-42H won't reboot correctly any more.

If the version you're currently using is earlier than 1.20, then before updating, download the settings that are in the VS-42H. After the update has been finished, upload the backup.
* If you're updating from version 1.20, downloading the unit's settings is not necessary.

For details, go to "Owner's Manuals" and in "XS-42H / VP-42H Reference Manual Version 1.2 and later," refer to "WebRCS Web Application."
* Default values are used for parameters that are new or whose specifications have changed.

  1. Copy the update-use file ( "XS_VP-42H.PRG" and "XS_VP-42H_NET.PRG" ) inside the xsvp42h_sys_v122 folder to the root directory of the USB Flash Memory.
  2. While the power to the VP-42H is turned off, connect the USB flash drive to the USB MEMORY port.
  3. As shown in the figure below, hold down the three buttons and turn on the power to the VP-42H.

    * Continue to hold down the buttons until "SYSTEM UPDATE" appears on the monitor.
  4. Pressing the [ ENTER ] button starts the System Update.
    When the System Update is complete, the message "17:NPU UPDATE" appears on the monitor.
  5. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port.
  6. Pressing the [ ENTER ] button starts the NPU Update.
    When the NPU Update is complete, the message "COMPLETE" appears on the monitor.
  7. Turn off the power to the VP-42H and detach the USB flash drive.
  8. Refer to "HOW TO TELL THE VERSION" and confirm that the version has been updated to show "1.22 b000."


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