V-02HD External Power Supply Compatibility Information

Compatible External Power Supplies
The V-02HD can use 7- and 14-V type camera-use batteries as an external power supply.
For reference
Correct operation of the V-02HD when using the external power supplies shown below has been verified.
Manufacturer Model number Capacity Usable time
at full charge
IDX DUO-C98 14V 6.6Ah 96Wh Approx. 12 hours
IDX E-7S 14V 4.6Ah 68Wh Approx. 9 hours
NEP BL-BP93HE-S 14V 6.3Ah 93Wh Approx. 12 hours
SWIT S-8082S 14V 6.6Ah 95Wh Approx. 12 hours
Manufacturer Model number Capacity Usable time
at full charge
SONY NP-F970 7V 6.6Ah 45Wh Approx. 6 hours
IDX SL-F70 7V 9.9Ah 72Wh Approx. 20 hours
NEP BL-F1370M 7V 10.4Ah 77Wh Approx. 20 hours
NEP BL-F970M 7V 6.3Ah 47Wh Approx. 6 hours
SWIT S-8972 7V 6.6Ah 47Wh Approx. 6 hours

Important notes :
* The operation times indicated above are approximate, and these operation times are not assured.
* Operation times might fluctuate depending on the charge level, the degree of battery depletion, and the operating state of the V-02HD.
* Even among units of the same model number, usage might not be possible due to differences in design specifications between the individual external power supplies, usage environment, or the like. Operation when using the model numbers listed above is not assured for all units.


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