M-5000 System Program (Ver.1.520)

How to know the version
Before you start, check the system program version of your M-5000 / M-5000C.
  1. Press the [ MENU ] button right of the Touch Display.
    The "MENU" window will appear.
  2. Touch [ SYSTEM ].
    The "SYSTEM" window will appear.
    The "SYSTEM INFORMATION" window will appear.
  4. For SOFTWARE VERSION, two versions are displayed: "GUI" and "MIXER ENGINE."

* If "GUI" and "MIXER ENGINE" are both at the latest version, no update is necessary.

Update history
[ Ver.1.520 ] MAY 2020
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • M-48 Manager's Engineer's Monitor function
  • An error message is displayed at startup when connected to an S-4000S on which the SI-AES4 is installed.
  • Correct jumping to an Anchor Channel sometimes fails.

[ Ver.1.510 ] JAN 2018
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • The M-5000 sometimes freezes when certain operations are performed.
  • When an M-48 is assigned as engineer's monitor, the list order cannot be changed.
  • When an M-48 is assigned as engineer's monitor, the engineer's monitor display does not disappear even when the connection to the M-48 is ended.
  • Characters that cannot be used in the UNIT NAME setting are selectable.
  • SEND has an INPUT CH selection screen.
  • For GLOBAL SCOPE, the SEND setting changes even when INSERT is set to recall-safe.
  • The PATCH BAY signal indicator for the SEND destination port does not light up.
  • When scene recall is carried out between different configurations, audio is sometimes sent to MTX from an unassigned MATRIX INPUT.
  • Sending from the R channel to the MTX bus cannot be controlled by M-5000 RCS operation.
  • On ending SENDS ON FADER when SEND has been set to OFF for all channels by SENDS ON FADER, the MUTE LED remains flashing.

[ Ver.1.500 ] DEC 2016
[ Additional Function ]
  • Support for the XI-SDI ( SDI Expansion Interface ) was added.
    * When using an XI-SDI on the M-5000/5000C, make the settings as follows.
    WORD CLOCK window
    CLOCK SOURCE: " D:XI-SDI " or " E:XI-SDI " ( Select the slot where the XI-SDI is installed. )
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • When MONITOR DIM is turned on while Solo is on, the Solo state continues even when Solo is turned off.
  • Global list parameters sometimes cannot be turned off by tapping "ALL" in the RECALL PARAMETER window for a scene.

[ Ver.1.400 ] JUL 2016
[ Additional Function ]
  • Support for the XI-WSG ( Waves SoundGrid Expansion Interface ) was added.
[ Functionality Improvements ]
  • MIDI Control Change messages are now sent during scene recall.
    * This is in effect only when the SEND setting for "CONTROL CHANGE (FADER, MUTE)" on the MIDI screen is set to ON.
  • "Seconds" are now also displayed in the date/time area of the HOME screen.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • A system freeze sometimes occurs depending on the timing of exiting the CH EDIT screen or displaying MENU.
  • Preamp gain fails to be displayed when a project saved with no REAC device connected is loaded.
  • At the patchbay SOURCE popup dialog box, "AD" display for the REAC 2 port on the XI-REAC is not made correctly.
  • SOLO signals are output in stereo even when the monitor is set to MONO LISTEN.
  • While a scene recall is carried out during recording to a USB memory device and the REC button is immediately pressed in an attempt to split the song, recording stops.

[ Ver.1.302 ] APR 2016
[ Bug Fix ]
The following bug was fixed.
  • In version 1.301, the REAC indicator at the top right of the home screen does not flash or light up correctly, regardless of whether a REAC connection is established.

[ Ver.1.301 ] APR 2016
[ Bug Fix ]
The following bug was fixed.
  • GEQ
  • Communication with an iPad over a dock cable was improved.

[ Ver.1.300 ]
[ Functionality Improvements ]
  • Remote control functionality from the M-5000 Remote on a iPad was added.
  • For grouped GEQs, the operation will be linked while maintaining the relative offset relationship of the parameter value.
    Note: When any of the parameter reaches its maximum or minimum value, the relative offset relationship among the grouped GEQs will be lost.
  • On Fader operation of send value from current CH to each AUX was added.
  • Configuration of S-4000M from S-4000RCS was supported.
  • Stability of mixer core was improved.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • When using multiple PITCH SHIFTER, audio signals might not output from console correctly.
  • When you operate OSC2 assign in particular procedure, OSC2 signal might not output to the selected BUS.
  • When you select target M-48 by up/down scroll button, setting of M-48 might be reflected to another M-48.
  • Reverb Send and Mid Freq of target M-48 might not be able to operate from engineer’s monitor M-48.
  • Threshold level of DE-ESSER cannot be operated from knob section of HOME screen.
  • When you assign GEQ screen to User Assignable button, selection of GEQ and On/Off of User Button may not be matched.
  • R channel of stereo input does not appear on BUS tab of PATCHBAY or Popover.
  • Even when DCA SOLO was on, SOLO of CH was not blink after the power is reset.
  • The key of AD-HOC network might not be displayed correctly, after loading project file.

[ Ver.1.201 ]
[ Functionality Improvements ]
  • LAN and wireless LAN connection stability of M-5000/M-5000C and M-5000 RCS was improved.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • A system lockup sometimes occurred on loading a project file containing solo settings different from the unit's settings.
  • On selecting an M-48 unit to use as an engineer monitor in the M-48 MANAGER window, the SOLO button on the M-48 sometimes continued to flash.
  • Selecting an M-48 unit to replicate using the Engineer Monitor function in the M-48 MANAGER window sometimes became impossible.
  • On disconnection of a LAN or wireless LAN connection between the M-5000/M-5000C and M-5000 RCS, in rare cases reconnection became impossible.

[ Ver.1.200 ]
[ Additional Functions ]
  • The remote control functionality from the M-5000 RCS on a Mac or PC was added.
  • DE-ESSER was added as an option for either dynamics processor.
  • RTA (Real Time Analyzer) window was added. Displaying RTA in the GEQ EDIT window is also supported.
  • The Large Meter Screen that displays meters and faders of all channels was added.
  • The USER LAYER window and ASSIGNABLE FADERS window were added which enables the feature to assign channels to USER layers (USER 1-USER 3) or ASSIGNABLE FADERS on the touch screen.
[ Functionality Improvements ]
  • The parameters of the channel displayed in the CH EDIT window can be operated from the USER ASSIGNABLE section.
  • Two additional HPF slope options of -18dB/oct and -24dB/oct.
  • Any output bus or the oscillators can be used as sources for input channels.
  • LISTEN (Key in Solo) functionality for dynamic processors was added.
  • Remote control functionality from RS-232C/TELNET/MIDI was added.
  • Solo meter position was changed to Pre-Trim.
  • The functionality to have the meters change color at a user definable dB level was added. When the level of a channel exceeds the user defined level, the meter color will change to yellow.
  • When entering SENDS ON FADER mode from the CH EDIT window of AUX, the AUX will be selected as the send source.
  • When entering SENDS ON FADER mode, PAN assigned to the knob section area of the HOME screen will change to SEND PAN.
  • Toggle mode for monitor source selection was added.
  • The operation of DCA solo was improved.
  • Momentary mode for solo operation was added. When depressed for a longer interval before releasing, it operates as a momentary switch that turns on solo only while held down.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • When a younger scene than current selected one is deleted, location of current scene may not be correct.
  • The system may be locked up if screen is closed by VIEW or DISP button while Color popup is displayed in User Assignable screen.
  • When using "5.1 + LR" as MAIN, changing of LFE level of input channel might change the fader level of the channel.

[ Ver.1.102 ]
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • In the SOURCE LEVEL section of the M-48 SETUP window, the level meter for the source to which CH Direct Out is assigned is always post-fader.
  • When effect settings are saved in the user library, the name area of the FX RACK window is not updated with the specified name.
  • Depending on GPI connector calibration, when the setting ACTION = FADER LEVEL is made, the fader cannot be moved to the minimum value by GPI operations.

[ Ver.1.101 ]
[ Additional Functions ]
  • Monitor system functionality ( M-48 MANAGER ) that uses the M-48 was added.
  • Remote control functionality that uses GPIO, footswitch pedals, and MIDI was added.
  • Support for the XI-MADI ( MADI EXPANSION INTERFACE ) was added.
[ Functionality Improvements ]
  • Operation at the GEQ EDIT window was improved.
  • Operation feel when adjusting EQ FREQ, DYNAMICS ATTACK/RELEASE, or the like in the knob section was enhanced.
  • < ALL CH SEND POINTS > was added to the MENU window.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • In rare cases, the M-5000 becomes unstable when performing the following operations.
    • Effect library STORE or LOCK
    • Loading a project file
  • In rare cases, the Gain, Pad, and Phantom values for a REAC device connected to an XI-REAC card differ from the values displayed on the M-5000.
  • MTX INPUT settings are not replicated when recalling a scene stored with MIXER CONFIGURATION in a different state.
  • Even when CROSS-MATRIX LCR has been enabled using MIXER CONFIGURATION, it is disabled after the power is reset.
  • Noise occurs in the FX3 R-channel audio signal when SAMPLING FREQ is set to 96 kHz.

[ Ver.1.020 ]
[ Additional Function ]
[ Functionality Improvement ]
  • When storing a scene by overwriting, the RECALL PARAMETER setting persists.
[ Bug Fix ]
The following bug was fixed.
  • Music from an iPad connected by a DOCK cable sometimes failed to play.

[ Ver.1.001 ]
[ Functionality Improvement ]
  • Skip/lock setting-change response at the "SCENE" screen was improved.
  • Motor fader operation was improved.
[ Bug Fixes ]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • Performing successive scene store operations sometimes results in a system lockup.
  • When creating/adding a scene, the correct scene number sometimes failed to be assigned.
  • Selecting "LIBRARY" at SECTIONS in the INITIALIZE window failed to initialize the effect library.
  • Anchor channel settings after a factory reset differ from the description in the owner's manual.
  • Solo in Place sometimes fails to operate correctly.
  • Minor problems when an expansion interface (XI-REAC, etc.) is installed.

What you will need to update
  • M-5000 / M-5000C
  • USB Memory ( Roland's M-UF2G is recommended )
    * The USB Memory need to be formatted on a M-5000 / M-5000C.

Getting the update file
Download the file named "".
The downloaded file is an archive file in zip format. Right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Procedure for the update
Creating the Update USB Memory
  1. Copy update files M-5000.PRG to the root directory of a USB Memory.
Update Procedure
  1. Press the [ MENU ] button right of the Touch Display.
    The "MENU" window will appear.
  2. Touch [ SYSTEM ].
    The "SYSTEM" window will appear.
  3. Touch [ UPDATE ].
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  4. To update, touch [ UPDATE ]. Touching UPDATE executes the update.
    To cancel, touch [ CANCEL ].
    * Do not switch off the power while the update is in progress. Completion takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. When the message "Completed! Please Reboot." appears on the display, the update has finished.
    Turn M-5000 / M-5000C power OFF.


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