The Roland V-1SDI Compact Switcher Gives AV Event Production Specialists CMI Communications a Powerf

Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer at Valere Studios

The corporate-event business is booming, and there are more corporate and conference events than ever, especially for the small- and mid-sized business sector. CMI Communications, a Rochester, NY-based supplier of AV event production systems and personnel, has felt that growth. These factors led to the firm’s acquisition, this past August, of a pair of Roland V-1SDI compact video switchers. Since they’ve been deployed, CMI Communications’ video technicians have put them through their paces at a variety of small- and mid-sized events, and they’ve been impressed by their performance.

“The Roland V-1SDI provides so much functionality in a lightweight, easy-to-set-up switcher,” comments Anthony Hicks, Audiovisual Support Technician at CMI Communications. “It has a small footprint, so it can go anywhere, and it’s very intuitive to operate — I spent 45 minutes on it and I was ready to do a show.”

Josh Burke, CMI Audio Engineering Technician, says he’s switched almost exclusively to using the V-1SDI for this size of event productions, citing its user-friendliness and features such as the multiviewer, which puts every source and input on the same screen. The detail with which the V-1SDI was designed and engineered is readily apparent to them in the field. For instance, Hicks notes how quiet the V-1SDI’s function buttons are, which is crucial to avoiding distractions during small, quiet and intimate events. “On other switchers, you can hear the ‘click’ when you hit a button,” he says. “On the V-1SDI, it’s totally silent. The design of the buttons is perfect.”

This kind of ongoing feedback from technicians in the field is reassuring CMI Communications’ management that it made the right choice investing in the V-1SDI, and bolstering plans to invest further. “We’re sending out more and more small video packages – two laptops and a camera – for small and medium events, and the V-1SDI is perfect for them,” says Michael Crawford, Operations Manager at CMI Communications. “In terms of size, form factor, weight, ease of use, functionality – all the things our techs are telling us from using them in the field – the V-1SDI is the right solution for this very busy and varied part of the event business.”

The Roland V-1SDI is a flexible and versatile video switcher that makes it easy to connect and switch professional 3G SDI cameras and playback sources along with HDMI sources including cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players. Compact and portable, the V-1SDI delivers professional switching results with its easy to use hardware interface complete with T-Fader and easy-to-see backlit buttons. With support for 3G-SDI, the V-1SDI can operate at full 1080p resolution and can take advantage of the longer cable distance of SDI, making this compact solution suitable for events and applications in even large spaces with the most professional level of SDI camera sources.