Melico Salazar Theater Costa Rica

covenant_family_icon_100Melico Salazar Theater is the second largest artistic and cultural venue in Costa Rica and it is the most popular in terms of the amount of artistic events taking place.  Artists of note who have performed in the theater include Adam Parsons, Jose Luis Perales, Raphael, Paloma San Basilio and Raul Di Blassio.  Apart from the musical shows, other renowned multicultural events also take place there on a regular basis.

Such high distinction calls for top quality audio and the theater is now able to provide it, thanks to the implementation of the M-400 V-Mixer, a digital mixing console by Roland Systems Group. This digital solution replaced the old analog unit which audio professionals used to use.

Fernando Amador, the theater’s sound engineer, claimed that several bands can perform there at the same time and that the digital mixing console allows you to easily save and recall scenes from multiple performers or music bands ideal for multiple performers  at a single event. This save and recall feature improves the response capacity while completely avoiding sudden changes in sound aspects such as equalization and volume control for each actor.

For Amador there were three compelling reasons that tipped the scales in favor of Roland’s digital mixing system, in comparison to other equipment available in the market: functionality, accessibility and ease of understanding and operation.

The System
The M-400 V-Mixer performs several functions at the theater. It is simultaneously used as a front of house mixing console and monitor mixing console because of the selection of Aux busses and DCA’s.

The digital mixer is placed in the sound booth on the first floor in the theater. The digital snake heads, S-4000S is located stage left and S-1608 is located stage right. Cat5e cable which runs from the snake stage boxes with built-in microphone preamps to the M-400, and is a bi-directional signal from stage to FOH and back to stage for monitoring and main outputs to PA speakers.

“One of the best things is that I can extend the cat5e cable (multi-channel) all the way through the stage, at approximate distance of 15 and 20 meters.  This has allowed me to eliminate the induction of noise, Amador claimed. The digital snake system allows the connection of up to 48 musical instruments or microphones on stage, as well as up to 16 returns for monitoring and main speakers.

The M-400 has ten local inputs at the back of the console for additional equipment near the FOH position that you need to connect to the mixer, like a computer audio source for dancing events. and other organized audio sources for a variety of live performance applications.

Both theater staff members and artists are very satisfied with the results achieved with the Roland system. According to Amador, “the performance is very good and it features additional advantages including ease of operation, and apart from that, the quality is unbeatable”. He added that he has received very positive comments from audience members who have noticed an improvement in the sound system quality.

“We needed a high-quality digital mixer, easy to operate, with an excellent price and one that could meet the needs of a modern operation. The V-Mixer M-400 has done that!” Amador points out.

System Integration