Gateway Church Installs M-380 and Personal Mixing

gateway_church_icon_10010-year strong, non-denominational Gateway Church focuses on helping “people of all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds in the (Dallas/Fort Worth) Metroplex and around the world.” The church serves its’ community throughout the year with live worship, personal ministries and special programs/activities such as ministry trips abroad, class offerings, group meetings, live webcasts, team sports and Dallas Outreach.

The System
gateway_church_01_smGateway technical arts department director of live audio production Andy Engstrom enlists an M-380 mixing console, 5 M-48 live personal mixers, 2 S-1608 digital snakes and 1 S-4000D REAC splitter to fill a Sunday worship and sermon support overflow theater, offsite, with live music and sound (in addition to remote feed from Gateway’s Southlake campus).

The 420-seat Harkins Theater (Southlake Towne Center) plays host to a contemporary worship music ensemble, and features artists such as Dove Award nominee Kari Jobe. “Our worship team,” says Engstrom, “loves the M-48s’ flexibility and control, so no other monitoring is used for the band.”

Harkins Theaters owns the sound system, which is surround delay/audience response-enabled. “The theater is approximately 88 feet from the screen to the back wall, 60 feet wide and about 35 feet high,” reports Engstrom.
1 S-1608 snake, along with the S-4000D splitter, are situated at the stage for live sermon/music content. The 2nd S-1608 snake, which stays mounted in the theater’s projection room, is used for broadcast fiber signal which arrives from Gateway’s 1700-seat Southlake campus auditorium carrying its respective sermon and music feeds to the theater. “The fiber,” explains Engstrom, “provides us with 8 channels of audio that allow us many options, as well as the ability to mix surround.”

gateway_church_03_smHe reflects on the systems’ assets: “Because of the Roland products’ small, compact footprint and loaded features, we’ve been able to keep setup (7:30AM) and strike (1:30PM) time to a minimum. I believe,” he continues, “that there are no other products on the market that allow us as much flexibility in such a small yet powerful system.”

Engstrom enjoys the ease of connectivity within all parts of the Roland-configured system. “The Cat5 is beautiful, and the gear is lightweight and portable,” he remarks. “In terms of convenience, the application is spread over 3 areas (mix site, stage, and projection room). As such, the REAC communication between remote locations ties it all together.”

The Harkins site’s M-380 V-Mixer and M-48 live personal mixers were purchased from a local reseller (Grand Prairie, TX). Engstrom claims he’d been looking for “niche products that would allow ultimate flexibility with fast and simple setup. That’s exactly what I found with these Roland units,” he states.

“Every time I’ve encountered an obstacle,” concludes Engstrom, “there’s been a method in which to find a solution – often times with the phone support team at Roland Systems Group.”

System Integration