It’s like having a mini TV studio!

Roland has an extensive range of Audio Visual (AV) switchers that are designed to inspire and educate your students. They will improve the quality of your productions and presentations and allow you to record and stream your events.

Roland AV switchers are known for being robust, compact and easy-to-use, perfect for the school environment! They are ideal for producing and capturing sports, theatre, music, assembly, news and special events.

Open up a world of possibilities for your students!

Suggested Solutions


Roland V-1HD

The V-1HD is a compact, feature-rich AV switcher that is simple to operate. It provides smooth transitions between four HDMI sources including computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, media players and still images.

The V-1HD also has professional effects such as picture-in-picture and keying allowing for graphic insets, titling or even “green screen”.

The V-1HD is the ideal solution for in-house meetings, training webinars, product and investor presentations, management meetings, live streaming and recording.

The unit also comes with remote control software for your PC or Mac.


Roland VR-4HD

The VR-4HD is a complete HD studio in a compact and portable package that replaces several different pieces of complex A/V equipment. It beautifully integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a stand-alone device.

Designed with single-person operation in mind, the VR-4HD allows for easy switching and mixing of sound and video with smooth slide controls and buttons.

The VR-4HD is ideal for a variety of corporate events including investor and stakeholder presentations, new product releases, management meetings, video conferencing, training webinars and live streaming and recording.

The unit also comes with remote control software for your PC or Mac.


Roland V-800HD MK II

The V-800HD MK II is an updated version of the ‘industry standard’ multi-format video switcher. With a refreshed interface for improved workflow and the addition of a dedicated row of AUX bus delegation switches, the V-800HD MKII is a perfect solution for:

  • Lectures, Meetings and Presentations
  • Live Event Production
  • Halls, Churches, Theatres
  • Live Streaming Production

Features include:

  • 16 inputs, 8 cross points (4 SDI/Composite + 4 DVI-I/HDMI)
  • 6 outputs (2 SDI + 2 DVI + RGB + Composite) Simultaneous output
  • Dedicated multi-view monitor output
  • Frame Sync & Scaler on all inputs and outputs
  • HDCP Compatible

The V-800HD MK II uses 4:4:4/10-bit internal signal processing. The result is a sharp, reliable signal for video and text, even on large screens and LED displays.